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  • peoria adult martial arts

    This is the atmosphere you look for to start your journey in making a change in your life. It's not just fitness it's about wholesome improvement. You will never find a more family oriented/friendly place to grow. I LOVE my krav maga classes and I love that I see the entire range of experienced to beginners in fitness all coming to the same place to grow together. Creofit is where you need to go to learn and grow!

    Jordan S.
  • peoria adult martial arts

    Fantastic place. Best decision I have made in a long time to sign my kids and myself up for Tae Kwon Do. Kim and David and their staff are so great to learn from. My kids are the type to try something new and quickly get bored, but they absolutely love going to class twice a week. It is great taking the class with them and watching them improve and develop self confidence! I highly recommend!

    Lisa S.
  • peoria adult martial arts

    Excellent place to build confidence and connect with your inner beast 💪🏽🙌🏽💁🏽

    Angela S.
  • peoria adult martial arts

    Working out at CreoFit is great. David is both encourages and pushes me to go beyond what I would do on my own. Whether it is improving your fitness, health or weight he helps you keep on track. He also keeps the workouts challenging and continues to mix it up to push to new levels.

    Joyce L.
  • peoria adult martial arts

    If you want a good workout that will strengthen your core and tone your muscles, the Extreme Fitness class at Creo-Fit is what you need. I have been doing classes with David Gaston at Creo-Fit for over a year and I feel guilty if I am not able to attend class. There are days I do not want to go, but after class I am glad I went. David will make you work but you do it at your level of ability. I highly recommend this class!

    Jan S.
  • peoria adult martial arts

    Creofit is a one-stop shop for all things fitness. Unlike a lot of other fitness popups, Creofit is family :) You're motivated, guided and inspired to get to a better you physically and mentally. Finding the fitness regimen that works best for each of his members, is David's goal. Everyone who has worked with him knows that David leaves no goal unattained and the word Quit is not in his vocabulary! So go Creofit for a better life or GO HOME!

    Sherrae G.

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